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Convention Headline: Should It Be Abortion?

August 24th, 2012

In a May online poll done by CNN, abortion and women’s issues are nowhere to be found in the ten listed categories of 2012′s important election issues. Economy, healthcare, national debt, education, taxes, help the middle class, reform, environment, state of politics, and social security are the top issues according to that poll. Similar polls late last year and into this year show much of the same. Going into the 2012 Republican National Convention, the two words on the lips of politicos are abortion and hurricane. This is all because of Todd Akin, the Missouri Congressman running for Senate, who said that it was difficult for women to get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” The news organizations are talking about it, celebrities are talking about it, and everyday women on the left are talking about it. Those on the right are talking about it on social media too. One has to wonder if Republicans can avoid this topic at the convention this week by focusing on the economy, jobs, national debt, and healthcare. The left certainly continues to try to link VP candidate Paul Ryan to Akin. Where do you think the focus should be for both Republicans and Democrats going into their conventions?










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