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Rick Perry Thinks A Zero Percent Tax Rate On Corporations Will 'Get This Economy Working Again'

Further proving that he cares more about corporations than people, and that he believes in the foolish theory of 'trickle-down' economics, Texas Governor Rick Perry went on record today saying that a 35% tax rate on corporations (which most of them don't even pay) is too high, and that we should lower it to zero percent in order to get them to start creating jobs.

AUDIO: Rick Perry Turns Romney's "I Like Being Able to Fire People" Comment Into Cell Phone Ringtone - Fox News Insider

On today's America Live, Megyn Kelly shared audio of the latest attack on Mitt Romney to be released by the Rick Perry camp - a ringtone. That's right - Perry's people turned Romney's recent and much-publicized comment about "liking" to be able to fire people into a ringer that can now be heard on a...

The Nomadic Beat: Rick Perry’s Last Words « uco360

When Rick Perry rode out of South Carolina - headed to his Texas home facing the setting sun of his presidential run - it felt overdue. Yet, since the governor joined the ranks of failed presidential hopefuls like Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain, the race no longer feels fun.