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Breaking Social Media News as it Happens

The news cycle doesn't sleep and neither do we. If we detect news breaking online about your candidate, Votertide Alerts will send you a text message in real-time so you can find out what is going on faster than any news outlet.

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The news cycle doesn't sleep and neither do we

SMS Text Alerts

We'll send you a text message so you're the first to know when an event causes a spike in social activity.

Track the Competition

Want to know what's being said about the competition? Use our alerts to track anyone you're interested in.

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How does it work?

Our algorithms monitor online conversations and send alerts based on comparing current volume to historical trends.

When will I receive alerts?

Anytime we detect a surge in social media activity that could break news, we will send you an alert. Since the news cycle doesn't sleep, neither do we. That could mean an alert once a day or a few times a week. It all depends on your candidate. We deliver updates as they happen.

How are VoterTide alerts different from Google alerts?

Unlike Google alerts, we track news breaking online with accuracy and in real time. You want accurate alerts on your candidates as news breaks without the fuss of reading through random Google alerts that may have resulted in queries about irrelevant stories related to your candidates.

What does it cost?

Our alerts will be offered free through the 2012 election cycle. Standard messaging rates apply.

How do I cancel?

If you don't wish to receive any more alerts, simply reply STOP. Alerts will be sent from (202) 470-1920.

Find Out First

You need to be on top of the news cycle and know what's happening with your candidates and the competition. VoterTide Alerts make this easy and deliver updates to you as they happen.


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