Taking proven social media analytics and adapting it for politics.

VoterTide is a young, Midwestern-based company that has worked for years to develop web-based tools to help individuals and organizations make sense of the new media landscape and harness the power of social media to accomplish goals and effect positive, meaningful change. In creating VoterTide and VoterTide Pro, we have taken proven social media analytics and monitoring technologies for business and adapted it for the world of politics.

We are politically nonpartisan. We are on the side of the voter, and we view the growth of online communities as the most powerful agent of American democracy. Our goal is to increase communication between voters and candidates by fostering dialogue, enabling the sharing of information, and promoting transparency.

It's these candidate values - openness, listening, willingness to talk - that drive people to donate, mobilize them to vote, and cause them to Rise the Tide for you.

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