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Whether you're a candidate, consultant, fundraiser, lobbyist, or media professional, you have no choice but to follow the conversation online. VoterTide Pro makes it easy with comprehensive, easy-to-read metrics that put the data at your fingertips. Get Started

What Can VoterTide Do For My Campaign?


VoterTide keeps track of the activity across a diverse array of websites and social networks and combines it all into a single interface. Charts and graphs allow you to monitor your daily growth and measure overall change. Steel-trap data archiving functionality ensures that your data will be captured for future use.


Find out exactly what people are saying about you on Facebook and Twitter, and find out what content they're sharing with their friends - news articles, blogs, and videos. Determine the issues that matter to them, listen to what they're saying, connect with them one-to-one, and develop a strategy to mobilize them at every stop.


Put away the spreadsheet and quit counting retweets. Let VoterTide collect the relevant data and give it back to you in an easy-to-read interface that gives the 10,000-ft. view and allows you to drill down to individual tweets. Easily export your data into visually appealing reports that you can pin to the walls of your campaign bus.

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Your Voters Aren't Just Numbers

VoterTide Pro is your all-in-one gateway to gauging the success of your campaign online and developing a strategy for engaging voters on social media and build lasting relationships. We help you tune into the conversation, identify your supporters, target growth areas, and tailor your messaging to produce the most impact online.

VoterTide Pro is loaded with features designed to help you look at your social media campaign from all angles, measure it against your opponents, see what's resonating with voters (and when), and plot a course of action based on sound reasoning and solid data. We take the guesswork out of social media campaign strategy and help you focus on what matters.