What is VoterTide?

As John F. Kennedy famously put it, "A rising tide lifts all the boats." At VoterTide, we believe that tide is here in the form of social media. We created an accurate tool for collecting data from the tide, measuring it, and showing - in clear, sound metrics - how online buzz is impacting real-world politics. 2008 proved that the Internet can be leveraged to raise funds and mobilize voters. In 2012, that power has only increased. We believe that come Election Day, the candidate with the highest Tide will ride it all the way to office.

Help Your Candidate Rise

You go to the boards for your candidate - tweeting, sharing links on Facebook, posting YouTube videos, and doing all you can to persuade your friends to vote for the one who you know is best. But do your efforts matter? At VoterTide, we show you that they do. You may not have the resources to contribute big bucks, but you do have the power to Rise the Tide in your candidate's favor.

The Tide Score

Before you get a vote, you get a voice. Articles you share on Facebook, mentions on Twitter, YouTube views, blog posts, likes, retweets - it's your valuable, everyday support that Rises the Tide for your candidate.

How Does It Work?

VoterTide keeps track of the activity across a diverse array of websites and social networks and combines it all into a single interface. Charts and graphs allow you to monitor your daily growth and measure overall change. Steel-trap data archiving functionality ensures that your data will be captured for future use.

What Does It Mean?

VoterTide's algorithms use this data to assess candidates' current standings and measure progress over time. It's a new kind of polling - one that shows results in real-time, directly from the voice of the public, free of bais. Our methods are based on data, not spin.

VoterTide Pro

Social media is an essential part of any successful campaign strategy, but without effective measurement and monitoring, failure is assured. So how do you keep track of the constant chatter, much less make sense of it? VoterTide Pro makes it simple to monitor the conversation about you and your opponents, compare your growth with theirs, and strategically harness the power of the tide.


First of all, whenever someone tweets about you, shares a link, or likes your profile, you'll know. Second, it's not just social. VoterTide integrates mentions from around the new media sphere, allowing you to determine which avenues are working and which need help. Your social media team won't sleep, but you can rest easy knowing your data will be there in the morning.


Plenty of companies offer online analytics. VoterTide Pro goes a step further and provides context for under-standing the numbers and mapping your progress over time so you can choose your moves confidently. We help you set goals for growth and allow you to export your data so you can build a plan of attack your entire team can get behind.