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Provides an at-a-glance view of your overall status online. Includes newest content, top recent tweets, most-used key phrases on Twitter, new fans/followers in the past 14 days, and progress toward your Goals.


Overlay and compare your growth across all your social networks.


Monitor content from thousands of blogs, news sites, tweets, video sites, and Facebook shares. Examine times of the day when highest content sharing occurs and look at which discussions are resonating the most with voters.


VoterTide Pro places your social media numbers on easy-to-read charts that allow you to track change over time. Points measured include:
  • Facebook fans
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook status updates
  • Twitter mentions
  • Incoming and outgoing tweets across multiple accounts
  • Times of the day/week that you received the highest activity on social media
  • YouTube views and subscribers
Twitter Features
  • Collects and displays content of all tweets mentioning you, including usernames so you never miss a tweet.
  • Identifies phrases used in tweets about you so you can see what issues are trending.
  • Archives tweets.
Facebook Features
  • Displays content from outside of Facebook that users have shared with their friends.
  • Identifies trends in your growth so you can plan messages more effectively.
  • Breaks out update types - text, picture, video, link - to see what types of content have the most impact.
  • Lets you search past updates.


Set specific goals for growth and track progress automatically.


Use our drag-and-drop interface to organize your reports and easily print or export PDFs for sharing.
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Interested? Contact us to setup a free demo.