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Fast and Furious Means Different Things to Different Sides

June 21st, 2012

Today the House oversight committee recommended holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the fast and furious scandal. We are showing some activity for President Obama and him enacting executive privilege on this issue, but there is just as much talk about college tuition and taxes. Tuition and taxes are being talked about by non-politico’s and reporters where as the fast and furious issue seem very much still confined to those two camps. Politicians getting social media bumps from fast and furious include Chuck Grassley, Steve King, Eric Cantor,and Nancy Pelosi.

With this issue starting to move out of the realm of politicos and reporters and into public debate there are many out there trying to figure out and also define what fast and furious means. In the days to come there will be many different versions of the fast and furious story and reasons as to why it is being told.

Some who saw the #fastandfurious trend on Twitter yesterday may have thought it was about the next installment of the movie coming out.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC went on a rant yesterday and summed up fast and furious as “What your uncle who watches Fox News all day is all worked up about”. She then went on to talk mostly about a blogger from Alabama that called for people to throw some bricks at those that put through health care reform. She traced Eric Holder being recommended for contempt today back to this “Alabama militia guy”.


Conservatives took President Obama enacting executive privilege in this matter to define fast and furious as the new Watergate.


Nancy Pelosi feels that fast and furious is about Republican’s pushing voter suppression.


Some people are defining it as the Bush administrations problem.


For many it is about answers for the family of slain border agent Brian Terry.


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