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Response To Supreme Court Ruling On Affordable Care Act

June 28th, 2012

Here is some of the initial reaction caught after the ruling from The Supreme Court today. #SCOTUS upholds #Obamacare because it is a #taxincrease. I thought @barackobama said it wasnt a #tax? #sayfie #tcot — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) June 28, 2012 From CNBC Kudlow report- Yes, it’s a tax. But there are 20 new or higher taxes in #Obamacare.Bad for growth, investors and biz hiring. @MittRomney message? #tcot — Larry Kudlow (@larry_kudlow) June 28, 2012 What would George Washington have to say about all this? Probably something weird and racist, I guess.#obamacare #tcot — lawblob (@lawblob) June 28, 2012 BY GOD YOU dumbass Liberals…HAVE YOU NO IDEA what you’ve LOST??? welcome to Libtardistan,baby…WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS now, Comrade #tcot —… Read more