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Paul Ryan…Social Media Attacks and Reaction

August 14th, 2012

One has to wonder if the Saturday announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s VP choice was calculated to slowdown immediate attacks from the left. However, with social media at our fingertips, one does not need copy and print to get the spin out. It is done with a picture shared on Facebook, or in 140 character or less on Twitter. Officials on the left have come out with a barrage of attacks calling Ryan someone who will destroy Medicare. Everyone on the Obama email list has received multiple email blasts with appeals to give money. The people who share pictures have come out with Ryan as the “Royce to Romney’s Rolls” - a calling him a homophobic who supposedly hates the female gender too. Officials on the right call him a family man from a small town who will shore up the moral and fiscal conservative race. Even Obama said in a speech that he likes him as a person. Conservatives believe they finally have somebody with the backbone to address the budget hole that America is in. Some conservatives on Twitter even have him as this year’s tea party savior. We probably will not know the real Paul Ryan until he is either in office, or has his own reality show. Either way, here are what people are saying. What do you think?

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